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Title: Perspectives on involvement in the peer-review process: surveys of patient and public reviewers at two journals.
Author: Schroter S, Price A, Flemyng E, Demaine A, Elliot J, Harmston R, Richards T, Staniszewska S, Stephens S.
Date Published: 2018
Reference: BMJ Open 2018;8:e023357
Are service users or carers authors: Yes

Abstract: The BMJ and Research Involvement and Engagement are the first journals to routinely include patients and the public in the peer review process of journal articles. This article reports the findings from a survey that explored the perspectives and early experiences of these reviewers. The survey was sent to patients and the public, some of whom had previously reviewed an article and some of whom had registered with the journals, but had not yet completed a review. Reviewers described being motivated to review by the opportunity to include the patient voice in the research process, influence the quality of the biomedical literature and ensure it meets the needs of patients. They were keen to have access to more online resources and training to improve their reviewing skills. Suggestions on how to improve the reviewing experience included: allowing more time to review; better and more frequent communication; a more user-friendly process; improving guidance on how to review including videos; improving the matching of papers to reviewers’ experience; providing more varied sample reviews and brief feedback on the usefulness of reviews; developing a sense of community among reviewers; and publicising of the contribution that patient and public review brings.

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