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Title: Experience as Evidence: The Dialogic Construction of Health Professional Knowledge through Patient Involvement.
Author: Renedo A, Komporozos-Athanasiou A and Marston, C.
Date Published: 2018
Reference: Sociology 52(4): 778-795.
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known

Abstract: This article investigates how healthcare professionals work with 'patient experience' and with ‘evidence’. From close observation of patient involvement initiatives in England, the authors found that patient experiences are often re-stated by professionals, with an additional slant from their own perspective. The professionals thus combine different forms of knowledge - evidence and experience - to respond the conflicting demands of healthcare services. They are expected to be both evidence-based and patient-centred in their practice, which may not always mean the same thing. Drawing on their knowledge of patient experiences becomes useful discussion points, helping professionals to respond to workplace pressures and persuade others.

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Categories: health
nature and extent of public involvement in research
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