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Title: Diversifying audiences and producers of public involvement in scientific research: the AudioLab.
Author: Starling B and Tanswell J.
Date Published: 2018
Reference: Research Involvement and Engagement 4:39
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known

Abstract: A partnership between a public engagement specialist, and a director of a digital radio station working towards social change, The AudioLab is a creative and innovative way to support diverse young people to connect with and get actively involved in health research. We worked with 25 creative young adults at relative socioeconomic, educational and/or health disadvantage in 2016 and 2017. Facilitated by the project leads, the emerging young talents connected with science in a series of culturally- and personally-relevant and creative sessions, culminating in their production of digital content and a one-hour live radio show, which reached at least 2324 people online. As a result of taking part in The AudioLab, the young adults felt more confident about themselves and about science; they could see a role for their creative talents in science communication, and felt able to become actively involved in health research. After the project, the ongoing partnership between the project leads and the young adults helped 12 of the participants to progress to employment, training and voluntary roles within health, research, creative and communications environments. We believe that the AudioLab presents a way of working that takes a step towards greater diversity and inclusion among both the audiences and producers of public involvement in health research. It has the potential to be reproduced as a method in other locations.

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