Putting it into Practice

Title: Framework for enhancing clinical practice guidelines through continuous patient engagement.
Author: Armstrong M, Rueda JD, Gronseth GS, Mullins CD.
Date Published: 2017
Reference: Health Expectations, 20(1):3-10.
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known

Abstract: The authors propose a ten-step framework outlining steps and options for patient involvement in guideline development. Patients can assist in topic identification (step 1), prioritising topics (step 2) and setting up a guideline development group (step 3). Within specific guideline projects, patients' opinions may be incorporated when deciding the guideline question (step 4), in creating a research plan (step 5), conducting the systematic review and drawing conclusions (step 6), developing recommendations (step 7) and helping with dissemination and implementation (step 8). At the end of process, patients can help determine when guidelines need updating (step 9) and evaluate the approach to patient involvement (step 10). Involvement at each step has different purposes, mechanisms, advantages and disadvantages, as well as resource implications.

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