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Title: Stakeholder involvement in systematic reviews: a scoping review.
Author: Pollock A, Campbell P, Struthers C, Synnot A, Nunn J, Hill S, Goodare H, Watts C, Morley R.
Date Published: 2018
Reference: Systematic Reviews 7:208
Are service users or carers authors: Yes

Abstract: Aim: To assemble all the evidence relating to stakeholder involvement in systematic reviews, and to use this evidence to describe how stakeholders have practically been involved. Methods: A review of the literature. Results: 291 papers were found in which stakeholders were involved in a systematic review. Thirty percent involved patients and/or carers. Thirty-two percent were from the USA, 26% from the UK and 10% from Canada. Ten percent (32 reviews) were judged to provide a good description of the methods of involving stakeholders. Sixty-nine percent (22/32) personally invited people to be involved; 22% (7/32) advertised opportunities to the general population. Eighty-one percent (26/32) had between 1 and 20 face-to-face meetings, with 83% of these holding ≤ 4 meetings. Meetings lasted 1 h to ½ day. Expenses were reported to be paid to people involved in 8/32 systematic reviews. Conclusion: The quality of reporting was generally very poor. Information from the papers judged to provide the best descriptions of stakeholder involvement in systematic reviews has been used to develop online learning resources.

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