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Title: The challenge of inclusive coproduction: The importance of situated rituals and emotional inclusivity in the coproduction of health research projects.
Author: Jenelle Clarke, Justin Waring and Stephen Timmons.
Date Published: 2018
Reference: Social Policy and Administration EPub ahead of print.
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known

Abstract: Coproduced research is influenced by how the individuals involved interact. Ensuring diverse members feel included is also crucial to success. However, it is not fully understood how inclusiveness is sustained over time. This study examined how everyday rituals and routine interactions help to create and sustain inclusive research projects, for example, in the simple routines when a people first come into a meeting room, and the interactions between individuals as they work through an agenda. The researchers identified two types of interlinked inclusiveness: relational, individuals routinely engaging together; and emotional, the feeling of being included. The process of ensuring inclusiveness requires that people continually reflect on their feelings, reactions, and motives as well as how these influence what he or she does, or thinks in a situation. Groups that sustain inclusiveness are able to resist external pressures and internal disagreements. Where groups experience a breakdown in inclusiveness, they become vulnerable to disintegration and collapse. Building and sustaining inclusiveness requires ongoing work through all of our everyday interactions. This creates a positive feedback loop that sustains the group and supports coproduction of knowledge.

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