Payment and recognition for public involvement

There are a number of ways to recognise the contributions of members of the public who are actively involved in research. This page links to guides and practical advice on payment and non-monetary methods for recognising the time, skills and expertise provided by members of the public.

Please note that benefits guidance and tax legislation been subject to considerable change/reinterpretation since 2019. Any INVOLVE documents referring to the payment of involvement fees may now be out of date and are pending a review during 2020. INVOLVE’s guidance should not be substituted for professional advice, and INVOLVE accepts no liability for decisions or actions taken as a result of its guidance. You are always recommended to take your own tax, finance or legal advice.


These resources have been developed to support members of the public, researchers, research managers, institutions and organisations. Please make sure that you are using the latest versions of these documents, which will be updated as regulations and policies change.