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Development of a new model to engage patients and clinicians in setting research priorities

Pollock A e a
Journal of Health Services & Research Policy 19, 1, 12-18
Added: 19 September 2018

Development of a questionnaire to measure service user satisfaction within in-patient forensic services - The Forensic Satisfaction Scale.

Beer, D., Keeble, P., MacInnes, D., Rees, D. & Reid, L.
Liverpool: National Programme on Forensic Mental Health R&D
Added: 06 March 2007

Disability, participation and welfare to work in Staffordshire.

Wood, M.
Journal of Integrated Care, 11(2), 43-48.
Added: 28 January 2009

Disentangling patient and public involvement in healthcare decisions: why the difference matters.

Mio Fredriksson, Jonathan Q. Tritter.
Sociology of Health & Illness, 39(1), 95-111.
Added: 09 July 2019

Diversifying audiences and producers of public involvement in scientific research: the AudioLab.

Starling B and Tanswell J.
Research Involvement and Engagement 4:39
Added: 23 November 2018