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Increasing research impact through partnerships: evidence from outside health care

Walter, I., Davies, H. & Nutley, S.
Journal of Health Services Research and Policy 8 (supplement 2), S2:58-S261
Added: 30 March 2007

Involving patients in primary care research meeting worked well.

Phillips, W. & Grams, G.
BMJ 326 (7402), 1329
Added: 20 February 2007

Older people and research partnerships.

Tetley, J., Haynes, L., Hawthorne, M., Odeyemi, J., Skinner, J., Smith, J. & Wilson, D.
Quality in Ageing - Policy, Practice and Research, 4(4), 18-23.
Added: 22 February 2007

Overcoming the challenges to consumer involvement in cancer research.

Stevens, T., Wilde, D., Hunt, J., Ahmedzai, S.
Health Expectations, 6(1), 81-88
Added: 20 February 2007

Psychosocial intervention for rural women with breast cancer.

Angell, K., Kreshka, M., McCoy, R., Donnelly, P., Turner-Cobb, J., Graddy, K., Kraemer, H. & Koopman, C.
Journal of General Internal Medicine, 18, 499-507.
Added: 27 January 2009

The urban practitioner and participation in research within a streetwork context.

Adams, R. & McCullough, A.
Community, Work and Family, 6(3), 269-287.
Added: 28 January 2009

Working with older women in research: some methods-based issues.

Warren, L., Cook, J., Clarke, N., Hadfield, P., Haywood-Reed, P., Millen, L., Parkinson, M., Robinson, J., Winfield, W.
Quality in Ageing - Policy, Practice and Research, 4(4), 24-31.
Added: 20 February 2007