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Title: Co-creation of a digital tool for the empowerment of parents of children with physical disabilities.
Author: Alsem MW, van Meeteren KM, Verhoef M, Schmitz MJWM, Jongmans MJ, Meily-Visser JMA, Ketelaar M.
Date Published: 2017
Reference: Research Involvement and Engagement 3:26
Are service users or carers authors: Yes

Abstract: Parents of children with physical disabilities do a lot to support their child in daily life. In doing this they are faced with many challenges. These parents have a wide range of unmet needs, especially for information, on different topics. It is sometimes hard for them to get the right information at the right moment, and to ask the right questions to physicians and other healthcare professionals. In order to develop a digital tool to help parents formulate questions and find information, we thought it would be crucial to work together in a process of co-creation with parents, researchers, IT-specialists and healthcare professionals. In close collaboration with them we developed a tool that aims to help parents ask questions, find information and take a more leading role in consultations with healthcare professionals, called the WWW-roadmap (WWW-wijzer in Dutch). In two groups of parents (one group with and one group without experience of using the tool), we will study the effects of using this tool, on consultations with physicians. We expect that using the tool will result in better empowerment, satisfaction and family-centred care.

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