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Title: Use of Photovoice to engage stakeholders in planning for patient-centered outcomes research.
Author: Jill D. Nault Connors , Marshall J. Conley and Laura S. Lorenz.
Date Published: 2019
Reference: Research Involvement and Engagement, 5:39
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known

Abstract: People with conditions like anxiety may know a lot about what it is like to live day to day with anxiety, but some of that knowledge will be hard to put into words in a way that others can understand it. Photovoice is a method which can help people share that tacit knowledge with others. Photovoice involves using a camera to take photos that match a thought or feeling about anxiety and develop a photo caption to share meaning of how the photo relates to what they’re going through. In this project, people with anxiety used Photovoice to get anxiety seen as something serious that needs to be treated just as you would treat a physical health problem. We [Photovoice participants] were motivated by a desire to improve care for everyone that goes to the emergency department due to fear of having a heart attack, and are sent home with no treatment or help when anxiety was the actual cause of our symptoms. Coming back to the ED for false alarms of heart attack wastes time and money that could be used to get patients the help they truly need the first time around. Photovoice added a face to the numbers of people this happens to, and worked to get people to talk about it and figure out a solution. Because they trusted us and saw where we were coming from, our opinions about things like what treatments should be involved [in a research study] were important. Being part of the solution and not the problem is good. Feeling like you’re not the only one who goes through this is good

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