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Title: Impacts of older people’s patient and public involvement in health and social care research: a systematic review.
Author: Baldwin J, Napier S, Neville S and Wright-St Clair V.
Date Published: 2018
Reference: Age and Ageing, 47(6), 801–809.
Are service users or carers authors: No/Not Known

Abstract: Aim: To evaluate the impacts of involving older people in health and social care research on older co-researchers, academic researchers, and research processes and outcomes. Methods: A systematic review of the literature. Results: Nine articles were found. The benefits for older co-researchers included psychological and social benefits, new learning, and activism and career opportunities. Challenging impacts included demanding workloads, difficult relationships and dissatisfaction with the level of involvement. Benefits for academic researchers included new learning and shared workloads. Their challenges related to demanding workloads and difficult relationships. Building relationships, facilitating communication and breaking down barriers to participation were identified as critical success factors. Conclusions: The evidence for the impacts of older people’s involvement is mixed although benefits appear to outweigh the challenges. Future considerations for PPI include matching older people’s skills and motivations to the project and level of involvement, and including ongoing evaluation as part of the process.

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