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Title: Patient advocate involvement in the design and conduct of breast cancer clinical trials requiring the collection of multiple biopsies.
Author: Batten L, Subarna Bhattacharya I, Moretti L, Haviland J, Emson M, Miller S, Jefford M, MacKenzie M, Wilcox M, Hyslop M, Todd R, Snowdon C and Bliss J.
Date Published: 2018
Reference: Research Involvement and Engagement 4:22
Are service users or carers authors: Yes

Abstract: Breast cancer is a diverse and varied disease. Recent research has shown that the collection of multiple biopsies before surgery can help researchers determine how the cancer is responding to treatment and can predict for long-term outcomes. However biopsies can be uncomfortable, and sometimes clinicians and research teams in hospitals may be reluctant to offer clinical trials requiring several biopsies to patients who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The Institute of Cancer Research Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit (ICR-CTSU) oversees a large number of breast cancer clinical trials where multiple biopsies are required. ICR-CTSU recognises that patient advocates (patients who have previously had, or cared for someone with, cancer) are key members of the trial design group and should be involved in the clinical trial throughout its lifespan. Patient advocates can provide reassurance regarding the acceptability of trial designs involving multiple biopsies from a patient perspective. This paper summarises patient advocate involvement in ICR-CTSU breast cancer trials activity and how this has benefited our research.

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